Addiction & Detox

Acupuncture, arguably the most well-known alternative medicine treatment, has been an important therapy in Eastern countries for thousands of years. Although introduced relatively recently, acupuncture has gained popularity and greater acceptance as a treatment option in Western countries. In treating addictions, acupuncture have proven to be effective and western medicine practitioners are taking notice.


  • Reduces the physical symptoms of withdrawal ™
  • Relieves depression, anxiety, and insomnia and help people relax. ™
  • Profoundly relieves withdrawal symptoms including cravings, body aches, headache, etc. ™
  • Patients become comfortable with their own physical processe ™
  • Patients learn to ‘let go’ of tension and preoccupations.

The calm stability in the acupuncture setting creates a relatively timeless process. There is much less pressure to improve according to guilt-related standards. Acupuncture treatments, taken enough times, clear the mind, build energy, and give a sense of well being. The acupuncture detoxification is an ideal partner with other programs and creates a calming response to life's troubles.

This is a simple, drug-free modality, patients feel comfort and focus, and are better able to participate in the other phases of their treatment. Acupuncture can be especially useful for cocaine abusers, since there are no medications to treat this addiction. The exact biological mechanisms are not well understood, and maybe not so important, but in some way, acupuncture has a peaceful, calming, and empowering effect.


In detoxification treatment, the acupuncture needles stimulate points that correspond to specific organs including the lungs, liver, kidneys and nervous system. The treatment triggers the release of natural body chemicals, including endorphins, which help reduce cravings for drugs, ease withdrawal symptoms, and increase relaxation. The stimulation to these nerve terminals, generate a neural chain of events responsible for the feeling of relaxation experienced by the patient. Research has demonstrated that acupuncture can influence the neurochemical pathways of the brain. In particular, those of the mesolimbic system. This area is involved in the mechanism responsible for reward and pleasure.

Despite skepticism that there is something in those needles, acupuncture does not add anything to the body; it simply helps to guide a person's physiology toward a more optimal state. "We have a lot of potential in our bodies, but at times, it can be misguided," Acupuncture helps us achieve balance and control, patients feel comfort and focus, and are better able to participate in the other phases of their treatment.

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